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​​Terrance Mason 

A little bit about me.

Welcome. In case you are wondering who I am, I would describe myself as a Maker, a Creator, and a Thinker. The desire to find meaning in life is the primary reason why I wake up every day and get to work. Perfection is not an option when it comes to Art (or anything that we humans create), so please don't waste your time looking for perfection. You will not find it in these pages.


You may, however, find a few awesome pieces of ART. 

​I believe that one's Art is not a Product insomuch as it is the result of a Process. An artist's process is a major part of his/her style. So as you peruse these samples of my work, try to imagine the Process and see if you can find a pattern, a unique marker, if you will. Perhaps you will, perhaps you won't.  


My goal here is to express as fully as possible, the storm that is brewing inside me. Being true to that might just bring some new opportunities into my life. Time and luck will determine what happens in that regard, but the honest truth is, I just appreciate the fact that you took a second to take a look.

Here is a little more of my story. It was published in the Jeffersontown, Middletown, and St. Matthews Magazines here in Louisville.

The beginning of an amazing journey.
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