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Down the Dark Decades of Pain

Pain is only temporary, so they say. Could it be that it is Eternal?

The Dope Show

The Passion of the Springwood Slasher

I began this painting wondering what could possibly haunt the dreams of Freddy Krueger? The answer was being burned alive again, except by his own victims... So, I took that idea and ran with it. I hope you like it.

The Vivisected Being - Polyps II

Keeping it sketchy!

Art Show July 11th

I am proud to announce that I have been selected to showcase my art at the "RAW:Louisville Presents 'CONNECT" art show. It will be on Wednesday, July 11TH @ 07:00PM at the MERCURY BALLROOM! The information about the show and my participation in it can be found here - http://rawartists.org/mindofmason Tickets are only $22 and they can be purchased on the above site. I have to sell 20 tickets, so I hope that there are 20 of you out there that enjoy art and wouldn't mind stopping by to say hi!

Book Announcement

I am honored to announce the Carl Reiner chose a piece of my art ("A Useful Idiot") to be featured in his new book, "The Downing of Trump".

Dear Rosemary

This image was inspired by the Foo Fighters song of the same name. I became enamored with this song and came to analyze and interpret it as a damning condemnation of Courtney Love and lawyer, Rosemary Carroll. Naturally, music is open to interpretation, as is all art, so I will leave further reflection to you... Gaze deeply in to the eyes of Kurt Cobain's wife and draw your own conclusions.

This Is America 2018

Dummy - Certified

Novus Ordo Seclorum - Liberty in Bondage

A Queen With No Country

The Walking Dead© on a Nudists Beach

The Golden Nugget

This Is A Call

Corruption of the Children


Great Minds

La Sirène - Madame Poisson

Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do - Dining in Damnation

The Bloody Legacy Of A Mis-interpretation Of The Second Amendment

As Sure As Your Heart is Beating, Be Sure That 'IT' Is Watching

Who do you pray to?

Die For Me

Hannibal - The Art of Evil

Kitsune Foxy



Why Men Leave Home


We Are Both Sick Cells With The Same Disease


Kissing Cthulhu

The Joker & The Crow - Commission


Caught You Motherfucker

Sometimes It's Okay To Eat After Midnight

Resilience Equals Strength,The Spine of Osiris

Sexy Pig

Nightmare Sequence


Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse


Platinum Blonde

Prying Open My Third Eye

Crushing the Heart of Society

Dreams of Greta

Oh So 007



Chukchi Walrus Princess

Dimensional Existence - Same Place Same Time - Planes of Being

A Useful Idiot



You Wasted Life Why Wouldn't You Waste Death?

The Plight of Princess Anemone

Gassy Girl

Galaxies Within



Contemporary Cerberus



Self Portrait - Show Me Your Soul

The Beginning of the End

Corruption of the Children


The Grasshopper and the Nude

Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do - Dining in Damnation